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Opticsens Distributed Optical Fiber and Electrical Perimeter Security Detection Systems.

The Opticsens distributed optical fiber perimeter security detection system is ideal for intruder protection of wire, palisade and wall fences. It can be incorporated directly onto electrical fences or under ground next to the fences to prevent perimeter intrusion by climbing, cutting or underground digging. The Opticsens distributed optical fiber security system does have the following advantages over electrical intruder systems and it can also be used for a variety of applications:

- Unaffected by EMF and lightning strike.
- Sensitive to movement/vibration over the full sensor.
- Can be placed on electrical, wire or palisade fences.
- Can be installed for under ground security detection.
- All fiber configuration with no flowing of electrical
- Low cost, fast installation time.
     - Correctional facilities perimeter security.
     - Oil perimeter, facility and pipeline security.
     - Mobile phone field unit and wire security.
     - Wireless mast security.
     - Military and airport perimeter intrusion
     - Mine and electrical sub station security.

Perimeter Sensor Description:

The perimeter security detection system consists out of a control room or field PC with intelligent software for alarm detection. When an alarm is generated it can be displayed on the control room PC and send by a pager system for a distance up to 1.6km to any security personnel. It can also send an alarm with the zone number by SMS modem (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) to predefined mobile numbers. An alarm is also triggered for each zone if the sensor wire is cut or electronic failure is detected. The software can also send the alarm to a relay board for external alarm applications.

Perimeter Sensor Setup

From the PC COM port a fiber backbone is placed for communication with each filed node. There can be a total of 10 nodes per COM port. The distance between each node can be up to 4.5km or extended to 9.0km with a repeater. In case longer lengths are required a single mode system can be used. Each node can handle 4 to 8 optical or electrical sensors where each sensor represents one zone. The distributed optical sensor can handle a maximum length of 3km with the loop back system or 6km with the daisy chain configuration. Each field node does have 8 digital I/O for controlling a relay board to trigger external alarms or lighting systems. It can also be used to hook up a wind speed sensor for false alarm reduction in case of high wind vibration effects.

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