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Wireless Photo-Electric Perimeter Security Sensor.
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Opticsens Wireless Photo-Electric Perimeter Security Sensors.

IR Wireless Sensor

The Opticsens wireless Photo-Electric Perimeter Security Sensor uses double photo-electric detectors, designed to provide reliable perimeter security for both indoors and outdoors applications. The sensor uses pulsed infrared beams that are designed to activate an alarm when two beams are simultaneous blocked. The sensor uses solar power with a backup power supply that could operate for 30 days under total darkness. The wireless photo electric sensor transmits its alarm over a distance of 1km to an receiver unit and can be extended to 4 or 8km with our transceiver unit.

Wireless Photo-Electric Sensor Features:
 - Unique design, revolutionary in long distance guarding field.
 - Digital process, beep sound to confirm proper alignment.
 - Immunity to infrared interference from sunlight and other light sources.
 - Two synchronized beams of pulsed infrared energy.
 - Tamper protected.
 - Operation temperature: -25 to 55°C.
 - Mounting: wall mounting or pole mounting.
 - RF frequency: 433MHz 315MHz.

Wireless Photo-Electric Sensor Specifications:
Outdoor Range (m)
Indoor Range (m)
Current Consumption (MAX)
Interruption Period
35 to 700ms
Power Input
Solar Power
RF Range
1 km Open Area, 4km with Wireless Relay Unit
Alarm Output
Wireless RF transmission to Receiver Unit
Operating Temperature
-25 to +55°C
Wall or pole
Alignment Angle
5° Vertical 90° Horizontal

Wireless Home unitWireless Home Security System with Built-in Auto Dialler:
Wireless Home Security System with Built-in Auto Dialler Easy-to-Install
- Without cable wire, easy to install.
- With built-in auto dialler, able to dial 6 groups of phone
  number to user's mobile, computer management centre,
  etc, to tell what happened and where it is.
- User can monitor sounds coming from security area,
  password access required.
- Remote-controlled via external phone.
- Half-arming function.
- Rechargeable backup battery with 35-hour usage time.
- PIR motion detector angle: Horizontal: 110° Vertical: 60°.
- PIR motion detector range: 10m.
- Siren: 105 +/- 5dB.
- Operation frequency: 315MHz, 433MHz.
- Operation range: over 100 meters in an open area.
- Operation temperature: -20 to 55 °C.
- Voice recording: 10s.
- Battery operated with life expectancy of one year in a
  typical domestic environment for each accessory.
- When there is an alarm, it can recognize up to 9 zones,
  user can review the latest alarmed zone.
System Includes:
- 1x Wireless Receiver Unit.
- 1x Wireless PIR Motion Detector Unit.
- 1x Wirless Magnetic Door Contact.
- 1x Backup AC Adapter.
- 2x Remote Controls.
- 1x Siren.
Optional Accessories:
- Wireless passive infrared detectors.
- Solar wireless infrared photo beam sensors.
- Wireless magnetic contacts.
- Wireless Remote controls.
- Wireless emergency buttons.
- Wireless dangerous gas detectors.
- Wireless smoke detectors.
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